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Weetabix - Whole Grain Cereal

Weetabix - Whole Grain Cereal

2 g of sugar per 35 g serving

You are what you Weetabix®

Banana + almonds

Mixed berries + chia seeds

Honey + Greek yogurt

Brown sugar + walnuts + raisins

Keep it simple. Add milk and warm up!

Check it out!
100% Canadian whole wheat

67% of your daily whole grain needs*
*Canada's food guide recommends making at least half of your grain products whole grain each day. Two Weetabix biscuits are low fat, high fiber and a 32 gram serving of whole grain.

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Ingredients: Whole wheat, barley malt extract, cane sugar, salt, iron, niacin, thiamine hydrochloride. CONTAINS: WHEAT AND BARLEY.