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Villaggio Crustini Buns

Villaggio Crustini Buns
Villagio is all about fresh, baked bread. Their bread is always cooked til it is a golden colour, yet still very soft and delicious!

This is a very versatile product, if you like bread this is the product for you! A soft bun perfect for a burger, for any sandwich, to have alongside a bowl of soup. The possibilities are endless.

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Pack of 8 buns.

Ingredients: Enriched wheat flour, water, yeast*, glucose-fructose/sugar, vegetable oil (soybean or canola), cornmeal, salt, vinegar, calcium propionate, sodium stearoyl-2-lactylate, acetylated tartaric acid esters of mono and diglycerides, sorbic acid, calcium carbonate. *Order may change.

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