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VH Dipping Sauce - Plum Prunes

VH Dipping Sauce - Plum Prunes

Gluten free

A pantry essential! VH® plum sauce is a thick and rich savoury condiment: Sweet, tart, and lightly spicy with bold fruity overtones of pumpkin, plum, tomato and lemon.

Great For Dipping...
- Wontons
- Spring rolls or egg rolls
- Fried tofu
- Pork or Chicken Kabobs
- Meatballs
- Wieners
- Baked French Fries
- Pork Quesadillas

Or try as a marinade on fish & meats.

Ingredients: Water, Sugar, Pumpkin puree, Vinegar, Plum puree, Tomato paste, Modified corn starch, Molasses, Dehydrated garlic, Salt, Sodium benzoate, Lemon flavour, Seasoning, Spices

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