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Tidy Cats Free & Clean Lightweight

Tidy Cats Free & Clean Lightweight

Over 50% lighter compared to typical clumping littter

Tidy Lock®
With ammonia blocker
Prevents ammonia odour for 14 days

Activated charcoal

All the Strength, Half the Weight®

2.72 kg = less weight not less litter

With odour-absorbing charcoal

Tight Maxx® clumps
For an easy scoop

LightWeight is less than half the weight of typical clumping litter so it's easier to carry, pour and scoop.

Fresh and Clean™
Unscented odour control powered by activated charcoal
Tidy Cats® knows powerful odour control is at the top of your list of litter must-haves... But sometimes added fragrances and dyes just aren't what you want. Free & Clean™ offers you the odour-absorbing power of activated charcoal plus Tidy Lock® protection to lock away odours-giving you the clean you need free of the stuff you don't.