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Swiss Chalet - Chicken Pot Pie 2 Pack

Swiss Chalet - Chicken Pot Pie 2 Pack

Swiss Chalet®
Rotisserie & grill
Since 1954

Rich and creamy

Fully baked

Made with white meat

Swiss Chalet
Chicken dinners
Bar-B-Q ribs

Bring the great taste of Swiss Chalet home!
Since we first opened our doors back in 1954, families and friends have been returning to Swiss Chalet time and time again to share our appetizing classic dishes. And great news: you can now savour our famous chicken pot pie at home! Chicken morsels, carrots, corn and peas all come together in a rich and creamy sauce. Good till the last crumb!

Ingredients: Filling: milk, water, white chicken meat, potatoes (sulphites), carrots, corn, chicken fat, green peas, celery, wheat flour, onion, butter, modified corn starch, salt, natural flavour, herbs, spices, canola oil, dextrin. Pastry: wheat flour, palm and canola oil margarine, water, dextrose, salt, cultured wheat starch, baking powder, yeast. Egg wash: water, frozen yolk, dextrose, salt. CONTAINS: MILK, SULPHITES, WHEAT, EGG. MAY CONTAIN: SOY.