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Sunlight Auto Dish - Lemon Fresh Power Paks

Sunlight Auto Dish - Lemon Fresh Power Paks

8+ benefits - our ultimate Clean & Shine
Improved formula!
With scrubbing beads

8+ Benefits
Our Ultimate Clean & Shine*
Our best cleaning power*
No pre-rinsing required
Powerful Sunlight® de-greasers
Oxi power fights tea & coffee stains
Rinses away residue, even in hard water
Pre-wash degreasers attack baked on food
Fights 24 hr stuck on food
Leaves dishes sparkling
Virtually spotless glasses
* vs. our previous Sunlight Dishwasher Detergent

With Real Lemon Essence

Powerful scrubbing microbeads break down tough food and grease for virtually spotless, shiny dishes.

Phosphate free

Laundry - Dish - Dishwasher
The Lemon One™