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Stock Exchange - Free Range Chicken

Stock Exchange - Free Range Chicken
Stock Exchange was founded by Jill Weaver, who started to make her own broths from scratch when she had her first child. She found that making her own broths was a great idea instead of throwing out scraps of food and it really brought out the flavours in her cooking. 

The broths are slow simmered for 24 hours to preserve vitamins and minerals and collage released from the chicken bones. 

They use sustainable ingredients from Ontario's finest organic farmers and are able to trace back each batch to the farmer and their ingredients.

Gluten free.
No added salt.

Ingredients: Organically and humanely raised Ontario free-range chicken, filtered water, organic lemons, organic and seasonally harvested ‘farmer’s seconds’ of Ontario onions, carrots, celery, organic turmeric, thyme, bay leaves, black peppercorns. No added salt.