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SOS - Scouring Pads

SOS - Scouring Pads

No dish soap required
Removes baked on food
Cuts through grease
Contains no phosphorus

Versatile Cleaning!
Pots, Pans, Stoves, Broilers & Stove Top, Oven Racks, Glassware, Glass Cookware, Tile Floors, Utensils, Plates, Dishes, Bowls, Microwave, Refrigerator Shelves, Removes Coffee, & Tea Stains, Removes Sticky Tags, Labels & Glue

Lawn Tools, Patio Furniture, Barbecue Grills, Garden Tools, Grill Tools, Golf Clubs & Grips

Car Windshield Wipers, Car Windshields, Chrome Bumpers, Tires & Wheels, Garbage Cans, Hand Tools

Bathroom - Tile Countertops, Glass Shower Doors, Porcelain Tubs & Sinks, Tile & Linoleum Floors

From the maker of Clorox® products

A list of this product's ingredients is available at www.IngredientsInside.com

For cleaning tips, visit www.SOSClorox.com

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