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The crunchy and wholesome Popped-Corn Chip

Never fried

Only 3 ingrédients

It's the simple things in life that bring the most joy, we can't imagine doing one better than real sea salt harvested directly from the Pacific Ocean. We prefer a finer grain that's just slightly thicker than the salty air.

We are PopCorners®

We believe your best self begins when you decide to Do One Better™ --- whether that's running a little farther, laughing a little louder, or snacking a little healthier.
Naturally, it starts at the source. We partner with the best family farmers we know to ensure we're getting only the finest non-GMO corn available.
From there, every crop gets popped to perfection. The result is a crunchy and wholesome taste experience like no other.
For happy and healthy living, you can do one better knowing we are always in your corner.

Family farmers
...To the popping machine!

Better for your brands

190 calories per 50 g serving size

Ingredients: Yellow corn, sunflower oil, sea salt.