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Philips EcoVantage 100W - Soft White

Philips EcoVantage 100W - Soft White

Uses 72w

Features and benefits of halogen light:
Provides at least 28% energy savings§*. Fully dimmable. Instant-on. Contains no mercury.
100w replacement*
At least 28% energy savings§
§*Compared to a 100 watt A19 bulb with 1440 lumens, the 72 watt A19 halogen with 1490 lumens saves 28% energy.
This bulb uses energy saving incandescent technology (also called energy saving halogen). The halogen capsule inside enables this halogen bulb to perform like a standard incandescent bulb while using less energy.

Lasts approximately 1 year based on 3 hour usage per day /7 days per week.
Rated average life is based on engineering testing and probability analysis.

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