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Organic Beef Jerky Red Wine & Rosemary

Organic Beef Jerky Red Wine & Rosemary

This company has been established since 2015 but the roots of the idea have been around for much longer. A man called Dick Duff started making small batches of jerky in his kitchen at home in 1989.
His friends and family loved the product and it all started from there!

The company has expanded over the years.
They start by using organic beef, cut with the grain to create the perfect texture. Then they marinate the beef with the perfect flavours to craft this delicious product.

Ontario made! Look for the sticker!

Ingredients: * Beef, * Red Wine, Liquid Soy Seasoning (Soybean Vegetable Protein, Purified Water), * White Vinegar, * Red Wine Vinegar, Water, * Brown Sugar, * Garlic, * Black Pepper, Liquid Smoke Flavour (Water, Hickory Smoke Flavour), Sea Salt, * Rosemary, * Cayenne * Organic Contains: Soy, Sulphites