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LOOP - Strawberry Sparkling Water

LOOP - Strawberry Sparkling Water

LOOP is a Canadian company whose mission is to reduce food waste and they are certainly going about it in a smart, environmentally friendly way! They take food that is unwanted (but still perfectly great to consume) and turn it into a whole new product.

LOOP collaborate with major food industry companies and take the perfectly good items that would normally be discarded before they reach the grocery stores.

To make the sparkling kefir water they rescue northern plant hydrosols, which is an infused water that is normally rejected in the making of essential oils.

So far LOOP has rescued 4,296 tons of fruit and veg by turning it into these tasty products. They have saved 343,076,025 litres of water, which is incredible considering how valuable it is to the planet!

Here at Nibbly a few of the team members have tried the LOOP sparkling kefir water and all loved it, especially this flavour! It’s got a refreshing tasty to it, isn’t too strong and is very moreish.  

This drink is perfect on a hot summers day and is full of vegan probiotics, keeping your body moving. What more could you want?