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King Cole - Half Cooked Duck - Korean Style

King Cole - Half Cooked Duck - Korean Style

King Coles was established 65 years ago by a couple and their son. Today, three generations later, four women lead the flock with 160 people working alongside them.

Since then not much has changed in terms of the logistical side of things because King Cole believe that “good farmers make good food” and so they haven’t needed to change much over the years.

King Cole are a “farm to fork” company, meaning that they are involved with the ducks from before they are hatched to the day they go off to slaughter. They are there from the incubation of the egg to the food being cooked to ready to eat.

The ducks aren’t used for just human consumption. King Cole use the feathers to make duvets and pillows and use other parts of the animal for dog treats. They have also won 3 major awards for recycling and zero product waste. They purchase local wooden shavings and after each day transform it into a great, natural soil enhancer, meaning less waste.

This product is frozen.

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