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Good Food For Good - Spicy Ketchup

Good Food For Good - Spicy Ketchup

Richa is the woman behind Good Food For Good and she started this all because she was passionate about healthy cooking, fresh cooking but just didn’t have the time.

Richa was juggling her life, between her full-time job and being a mother, she couldn’t find enough time in the day to make home cooked meals for her family. This frustrated her and so she came up with the idea of creating a range that was convenient and healthy!

Did you know that a tablespoon of ketchup contains more sugar than a chocolate chip cookie? This product still tastes great but is so much lower in sugar and has a little kick to it in terms of spice!

Good Food For Good is also in partnership with Food Banks Canada, LA Food Bank and Akshaya Patra Foundation. So, if you buy a jar today you will be contributing to donating a meal to people in need. A real feel good product! A small business, but a big impact.