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Fauxmagerie Zengarry - Creamy Swiss

Fauxmagerie Zengarry - Creamy Swiss
Fauxmagerie Zengarry has been established since 2013 when Lynda Turner was unsatisfied by the vegan cheese options available.

Her company is local and based in Ontario so when you are buying this product you are supporting a local business.
They use only the highest quality ingredients to make their products.

This creamy Swiss is a Gruyere style vegan cashew cheese. It is aged just like a regular cheese to bring out all those flavours. Enjoy it on a cracker or in a sandwich.

Award Winning Company! Why not give this product a try today. 
Recommended to serve at room temperature.

Ingredients: raw cashews, water, raw coconut oil, quinoa rejuvelac, nutritional yeast, GMO-free miso (water, soy beans, rice, salt), sea salt, xanthan gum