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Dairy-Free Roasted Pistachio Gelato

Dairy-Free Roasted Pistachio Gelato

Righteous Gelato is so much more than a company who sells gelato. They are a B corporation who are also local to Toronto. They are committed to helping others by being more environmentally conscious, pay their staff a fair wage, use local ingredients, divert 95% of their waste away from landfill. The list goes on!

This dairy free roasted pistachio gelato is an Italian staple which they kept simple but didn't compromise on flavour. The flavour includes a roasted nuttiness, yet smooth and creamy texture. 


All their products are natural, with no artificial colours/flavours, and nothing GMO.

Gluten free. Dairy free. Vegetarian. Vegan. Non-GMO .Nut free.


*Staff Pick!* This is one of Binal's staff picks. It is the best dairy free gelato she has had. It's rich and so flavourful. Righteous gelato packaging is just perfect for a gifting option. She buys a pack of Righteous gelato every time she goes to a friend’s place.   

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