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Caffe Indulgente - Casa Scura

Caffe Indulgente - Casa Scura
Caffe Indulgente is a brand to look out for if you are a coffee lover! The company uses a mixture of traditional Italian methods combined with todays technological advances to make a delicious blend of coffee.
Their beans are roasted in small batches and embrace the traditional Italian method which takes an extra 25-30% longer to roast.

The company also works with their farmers directly which is considered to be the most beneficial method of trade.

Miller and Bean are a Toronto based company who's number 1 priority is customer satisfaction, something that we are also passionate about here at Nibbly.

Nibbly is the FIRST and ONLY place you can buy Caffe Indulgente outside of Alberta!
Tasting notes include:
Spice, smokey and dark chocolate.

Here at Nibbly we tried the coffee blends and all fell in love with them!

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