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Delivery Postal Codes

A map of our delivery areas is below:

postalcode map

Nibbly delivers to specific postal codes around the Greater Toronto Area.

This includes:

The list of postal codes we support at launch (updated Oct 5, 2020) are postcodes that start with:

L0J, L3P, L3R, L3S, L6C, L6G, L4T, L4V, L4W, L4X, L4Y, L4Z, L5A, L5B, L5C, L5E, L5G, L5H, L5J, L5K, L5L, L5M, L5N, L5P, L5R, L5S, L5T, L5V, L5W,

L3T, L4J,

L4T, L6P, L6R, L6S, L6T, L6V, L6W, L6X, L6Y, L6Z, L7A, L7M, L7L, L7N, L7R, L7S, L7P, L7T,

L4K, L4L, L6A, L4H, L4L,

L6L, L6M, L6K, L6H, L6J, L3P, L3T, L4B, L4C, L4S,

L9E, L9T, L7G

M3C, M4A, M4B, M4C, M4G, M4H, M4J, M4K, M4P, M4W, M6P, M8V, M8W, M8X, M8Y, M8Z, M9A, M9B, M9C, M9P, M9R, M9V, M9W,

M7R, M1L, M1R, M2H, M2J, M2K, M2L, M2M, M2N, M2P, M2R, M3A, M3B, M3C, M3H, M3J, M3K, M3L, M3M, M3N, M4A, M4G, M4N, M4P, M4R, M5M, M5N, M6A, M6B, M6E, M6L, M6M, M7A, M9L, M9M, M9N,

M1B, M1C, M1E, M1G, M1H, M1J, M1K, M1L, M1M, M1N, M1P, M1R, M1S, M1T, M1V, M1W, M1X, M4A, M4B, M4C, M4E,

M1R, M1S, M2J, M2N, M3C, M3H, M3K, M3M, M4B, M4C, M4E, M4G, M4H, M4J, M4K, M4L, M4M, M4N, M4P, M4R, M4S, M4T, M4V, M4W, M4X, M4Y, M5A, M5B, M5C, M5E, M5G, M5H, M5J, M5K, M5L, M5M, M5N, M5P, M5R, M5S, M5T, M5V, M5W, M5X, M6A, M6B, M6C, M6E, M6G, M6H, M6J, M6K, M6L, M6M, M6N, M6P, M6R, M6S, M7A, M7Y, M8X, M8Z, M9C, M9M, M9N,

M5P, M5S, M6B, M6C, M6E, M6H, M6M, M6N, M6S, M9N

How soon can I expect my order?

You can pick a time-slot when you order. If we are able to ship your order earlier than planned, we will message you to ask if you'd prefer if we delivered earlier than scheduled.

What does delivery cost?

There is no delivery charge during our pilot launch, for all orders above $50 in size. After our pilot, we plan on charging a small delivery fee for each order.

Does it arrive at my door?

We will dispatch a delivery to your home as soon as the order is ready.

Apartments and Condos: The courier will call you when they are close to arriving. During COVID, many apartments are not allowing couriers to go into the lobby or elevators. In these situations, the courier will call you and ask you to meet them outside the entrance of your building when your order arrives.

Is your order not as you expected? Send us an email at hello@nibbly.ca, so we can correct the error.