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Artisanal Cheeses

Cheese - Colby - Canadian
Bright Cheese and Butter
Handeck - Surfaced Ripened Comte Cheese Wedge
Gunn's Hill Artisan Cheese
Havarti Cheese
Bright Cheese and Dairy
Cheese - Monterrey Jack
Bright Cheese and Butter
Flower Station - Ewe Milk
Back Forty Artisan Cheese
approx. 105g
Cheddar Cheese - Mild Grass-Fed
Thornloe Cheese Inc.
Cheese - Hot Pepper
Bright Cheese and Butter Mfg. Co.
Golden Blyth's - Eweda Sheep's Milk Cheese Wedge
Blyth's Farm Cheese
approx. 150g
Cheddar Cheese - Medium Grass-Fed
Thornloe Cheese Inc.
Celtic Blue Reserves - Cow's Milk
Glengarry Fine Cheese
approx. 190g
Golden Blyth - Gouda Styled Merlot Soaked Goat Cheese
Drunken Goat
approx. 312g
Golden Blyth's - Gouda-Styled Young Goat Cheese (Washed Rind)
Blyth's Farm Cheese
approx. 400g
Lindsay Bandage - Goat Cheddar
Lenberg Farms
approx. 214g
Queen Bee - Gouda Styled Mead Soaked Cheese
Blyth Farm Cheese
approx. 364g
Devil's Rock - Creamy Blue Cheese - Pyramid Pack
Thornloe Cheese - 32% M.F. - 44% Moisture
Farmstead Premium Dutch Gouda - 2 Year Old
approx. 220g