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Hello and welcome to Nibbly. 

Groceries with Benefits!

Nibbly by PaintBox is an online grocery store committed to providing you with local, fresh, and artisanal products. 

At Nibbly we pride ourselves in supplying you and your family with high quality foods that fit your dietary needs without the hassle of going to the grocery store. Our goal is to provide the best selection, price and service possible while improving our community and creating jobs. We have partnered with Tulip’s E-commerce platform to provide you with same-day delivery and a multitude of grocery options.

A Note From Our Founder…

I started Paintbox eight years ago, a unique for-profit business model that harnesses the power of business to effect positive change, becoming Canada’s first B Corporation catering company. 

With the loss of catering and restaurant business during the pandemic the business had to pivot. Regent Park’s beloved bistro and community hub transformed into an online grocery store named Nibbly. My commitment towards social good is my positive space. Hence, I continue to work towards that goal with Nibbly.

Nibbly is a for-profit business committed to values of customer satisfaction, social equity & community wellbeing, with a strong commitment to supporting local businesses. We are proud to showcase a wide range of affordable artisanal products that cater to the diverse population of Toronto. 

-- Chris Klugman  

Read about Us In The Toronto Star:

The story of our launch was recently featured in the Toronto Star. You can read more about us there


We are committed to providing you with local fresh products

We are cost-effective 

We provide same day delivery & pickup 

We are committed to our community and to social good